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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Merry Christmas to All...

Twas the night before Christmas And all through the town Not a Realtor was out Or seen driving around. All the listing and selling Just had to wait Cause the big Man was coming And I cannot be late. All shopping is finished Some business undone Now it’s time to sit back And enjoy all the fun. The cookies and cakes Were all such a sight Thanks to Publix and Kroger I got it just right. The tree was all trimmed With pretty bright balls Most of the lights were aglow To the splendor of all. The stockings were hung On the mantle askew Busy as I’ve been It will just have to do. The presents were wrapped Or stuffed in a bag No bows or a ribbon And barely a tag. I sat down to relax And to put up my feet A tall glass of wine Is just what I need. Off in the distance And what did I hear A cell phone a ringing Instead of reindeer. Should I answer or not I just can’t decide Then I say what the heck I can’t let it slide. On the other end of the call I hear the sweet sound The offer was accepted And no more counter round. On the Eve of the Day I just had not planned To have such great news And it be so grand. Do I call them right now For my buyers’ relief To share the joy of the moment On this nice Christmas Eve? So I pick up the phone And press out their number Not worried a bit that I might disturb their slumber. An equally tired voice came on the other end of the line And I spread the good cheer That sounds so sublime. Your counter was accepted It is over and done Rejoice and be glad For your new home has come. The thanks started pouring Coming over the line You’re the best Realtor ever Where do we sign. I bid them adieu and a Merry Christmas from me A Realtor’s work never stops I say with such glee. It is time to bed down And shut down for the night Santa has just come For my buyers delight. It matters not what is lying under my tree, My Christmas is doing For the clients of me. I am so very thankful That I have another chance To do what I love I feel I could dance. Make merry and be happy It is a great day For Christmas can happen Whenever we say I am here for you and will do what it takes To find you a home No matter how late. Spread the word to the town I can help you just right Merry Christmas to all And to all a Good Night. By Debbie Reynolds
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