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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Timing is Everything!


Should I wait, should I buy, should I sell???

Those were the comments I heard at the open house I had on Sunday.

Chances are slim that the government will implement another tax credit for buyers.  A buyer can save more money taking advantage of the historical low interest rates than getting the tax credit.

If you haven't considered refinancing, now is the time.

Selling your home now is better than waiting to put the home on the market when the "economy gets better."  You and everyone else who is waiting will have their home on the market and that will keep the prices from increasing. You may take a haircut on the sale of your home and take advantage of a butch on the purchase.  If you are getting a loan your purchase power is higher with the low interest rates.

Tons of opportunities are out there.  I would love to help you or someone you know take advantage of them.

Check out this fabulous deal in Valley Center!

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