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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Spring Break Ideas

The snow is almost melted and it's time to be thinking of spring break!! 

Here are some ideas to make great memories...

Spring break is here, and with gas prices soaring and everyone pinching pennies most people will not be able to take a vacation this year during their spring break.

So, what do you do with a whole week off from school and children whining for something fun to do?

There are a lot of things you can do with the kids that do not cost a lot of money or are free, and most of it can be done in your own city, and some in your own backyard.

Here are just some of the fun ways to spend spring break with the kids without breaking the bank, or losing your mind.

  • Backyard Campout- Set up a tent, grab the sleeping bags and flashlights and have a fun night of ghost stories and counting stars. If you have a outdoor fire pit you can roast hot dogs and marshmallows, sing songs, play games and tell stories.
  • Movie Night - You can do it indoors or outside. Invite the kids friends over, set up some chairs, or pillows and blankets if indoors, pop the popcorn and watch a fun comedy or spooky movie under the stars.
  • Visit your local library - Many libraries have special events; storytime, arts and crafts for the kids during the week. Or just visit and check out some books or movies, let the kids play on the computers, and get some nice quiet time for yourself as well.
  • Visit a local indoor play place - Many cities have Bounce House's that have inflatable slides, jump houses and much more. For a low price you can get around 90 minutes of play time for the kids while you sit and read a book or surf the web.
  • Visit your state park - Many state parks have playgrounds, beaches, water activities, and lots of ground to run and play. Pack a picnic lunch and head over for the day. Grab some ice cream or frozen yogurt on the way home.
  • Be a tourist in your hometown - Go out and spend the day in your city. Visit shops and museums, things that you usually bypass because you live there. Eat lunch in a local cafe. Visit your local city welcome center and grab some coupon books. You can get buy one get one coupons to museums, or the zoo, or aquarium. Stoll the streets and just enjoy a day in your city.
  • Make a cookie or lemonade stand - Help the kids set up a table and some chairs, make some cookies and lemonade and have them draw up some signs and sell to the neighbors. Kids love to create and do grown up things, plus it gets them involved with the neighbors, it is fun, and they can make some pocket change while at it.
  • Set up a mini water park in the backyard - If the weather is nice, set up a small pool, a sprinkler, and maybe a slip and slide. Break out the beach chairs and umbrella and spend the day in the backyard. Get water ballons and play balloon toss or have a water ballon fight. Then eat some icepops as a snack. Fun, free, and cool.

There is so much you can do with the kids during their spring break from school without emptying the wallet and without them being stuck in front of a TV and playing video games all day.

With a little creativity and some planning you and the kids can have a fun and enjoyable spring break together.

Have fun and enjoy these moments while they last, they grow up way too fast.

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